Os.to.mate (noun) ˈäs-tə-ˌmāt : a courageous, inspiring individual who has received a second chance at life through the gift of ostomy surgery.

Embrace your journey transform your life

We are here to walk alongside you during your recovery from ostomy surgery and give you hope and confidence that you can return to the things you love.

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Navigating the uncertainties of ostomy life can feel overwhelming

You’re tired of:

  • feeling miserable
  • living with daily pain
  • planning your day around being close to a restroom

Worrying about how life will change after ostomy surgery, wondering if you will be able to travel, play sports, and have a family, and not kowing how you will navigate your medical needs.

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We are here to help

An immediate post-surgery program designed to meet you where you are on your ostomy journey with tips from medical professionals and other ostomates to help you recover quicker… and better!

Connects new ostomates with volunteer “veteran” ostomates who will listen, empathize, and suggest resources based on their experience.

Information to help you find a surgeon and what questions to ask before your operation to ensure you are fully prepared.

“Just because you have an ostomy it does not stop you and it does not dictate your future. I am a witness to that!”

Jearlean Taylor,
Double ostomate and international fashion model

Out of his own journey Rolf created Embracing Ostomy Life

“Thanks for visiting. We designed EOL to be your trusted guide for life before and after ostomy surgery.  We have partnered with leading experts, respected organizations like the American College of Surgeons and the United Ostomy Associations of America, and real people with ostomies to answer your questions and help you gain confidence for your journey.  Whether you are considering surgery or adjusting to life afterward, we are here to support, encourage and give you great hope that having an ostomy isn’t the end of your life…but a wonderful second chance at life.”

Rolf Benirschke,

Former NFL Man of the Year,
Ileostomy (played 7 years in the NFL with an ostomy!)

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