“I’d rather die than wear a bag!”

The haunting phrase we hear too often: “I’d rather die than wear a bag!”.

This heartbreaking response comes from people facing or recovering from ostomy surgery who can’t imagine doing the things they love while wearing a pouch.

Why do people feel this way? Because they simply don’t know, have never met, or heard of anyone with an ostomy. There is no way they can know how good life can be with an ostomy! We are determined to change that by sharing real patient stories, providing impactful resources, and have developed a “buddy program” so they can speak to someone like themselves with an ostomy, who can help them move from despair to hope.

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“I will never forget the first of our many conversations when Conner and I both ended up in tears as he shared his heart wrenching journey and what could have been. With your generous gift we can educate and encourage thousands of patients just like Conner who are ready to give up because they don’t know there can be a great life ahead with an ostomy.” Rolf Benirschke

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