Embracing Ostomy Life: a valuable tool for medical professionals

With over 100,000 ostomy surgeries performed each year, most surgeons simply do not have the time or resources to monitor and support their patients through the difficult post-surgery recovery journey. The solution to ensure their patients thrive after ostomy surgery? Embracing Ostomy Life!

Our support programs

Information for patients who are pre-surgery including “how to find a surgeon” and “what questions to ask your surgeon” as well as answers to the “five most asked questions” by patients before their surgery.

A one-month, immediate post-surgery guided program delivered daily via email, that meets your patients where they are on their ostomy journey, and provides information and encouragement from medical professionals and other ostomates to help them stay out of the hospital, recover quicker and better, and hope for a fulfilling life!

A service that connects new ostomates with volunteer “veteran” ostomates who have completed the UOAA online “Ostomy Friends” training program who will listen, empathize and suggest resources based on their personal experience.

What other medical professionals are saying

“Embracing Ostomy Life is a valuable resource that I’m offering to all my patients — to fix that broken spirit and ensure that they are as happy about their surgery as I am.”

Sonia Ramamoorthy
MD, University of California, San Diego

“It is very important and invaluable to have a mentor and a program that follows the patient through the recovery process.”

Richard Rood
MD, FACP, FACG, AGAF, FASGE, Washington University St. Louis

“I tell my ostomy patients that they don’t have to live in the shadows — for most, this is a second chance at life. I have a special place in my heart for people with ostomies.”

Joga Ivatury
MD, Dell Medical School, Austin, Texas

“Embracing Ostomy Life is going to change the recovery trajectory of ostomy patients. Instead of feeling lost and alone, they can feel confident, supported and most importantly, hopeful, about their future.”

Angie Gilbert